Bible Study: The Bible Overview

The Bible Overview

How should we read the Bible? Is it just a collection of historical documents, or is there an overarching narrative that connects everything together? This excellent four week course demonstrates how the Bible is the unfolding story of God's relationship with the world. It's well worth it.

Week 1 is a general presentation of the 15 stages of the Bible story designed to give a memorable framework  for the whole of the Bible.
Week 2 is an Old Testament presentation, showing that the Old Testament provides foundations of the Bible Story, introducing the God of the kingdom, and preparing the way for the coming of Jesus.
Week 3 is a New Testament presentation, focusing on Jesus, demonstrating the way he fulfils God’s plan to provide a saving ruler of his kingdom.
Week 4 is when we learn and practice a process for understanding Biblical passages within their context.

It will commence on Tuesday 28th August at 7:45pm at the Coogee Legion Club (if you want to join several people for dinner beforehand, then 7pm in the restaurant).
Because a booklet ($10) is needed for each participant, registration is essential. Sign up by getting in contact with Craig.

WHEN: Four Tuesday evenings from 28th August to 18th September. 7.00pm for dinner, 7.45pm to begin study
WHERE: Coogee Legion Club, 200 Arden St, Coogee
RSVP: ASAP to Craig.
COST: $10 for book